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Horse Racing Betting
Horse racing betting has become extremely popular among online public within the last few years. Like all other gaming activities it require a lot of experience, knowledge, and diligent homework in order to become an expert in this field. Our horse racing betting tips is a simple guide for beginners. Hopefully, it will give a novice horse bettor a clear general idea about this exciting pastime.

Rules of horse racing bettingBASIC RULES
Players place their bets on certain numbers assigned to horses on the track. All money wagered on a certain bet make "pools". This amount will be proportionally distributed among those bettors who correctly predicted the outcome of the bet. Some of pool's money are withheld by the track to cover its own costs, service fees and taxes.
Horses that have been withdrawn from the race for various reasons are called "scratches" No bets are sold on "scratches". Usually bettors can get refunded on late scratches.
Odds are an estimate of how much a horse will pay to win a race. They odds ratio (e.g. 3/1, 5/8,...) tells us about expectations of the betting crowd. The smallest ratio or the largest amount of money bet on a horse clearly show the racing favorite. Payout is found by multiplying odds ratio by the bet amount and adding the bet amount. Thus, winning odds of 3 to 1 will pay $20 for a $5 bet.

Start from analyzing the racing form and making a research on horses, their trainers and jockeys. Select better horses by their past performances. Data from the past several races that is available online can hint you on how a particular horse is likely to perform in an upcoming race.
Avoid betting on horses which have not raced recently, it may indicate that the horse suffered an injury or illness.
Also avoid horses that are new to the class. They usually need time to get used to the new race setting to perform well.
Make an intelligent decision on how this horse will run the required distance on the particular surface. Some horses run better on grass tracks, some- on mud. There are sprinter horses made for short tracks, other suited better for long distances.
The longer the racing track, the better your betting odds with an experienced jockey who is able to properly choose the pace of a race. Also choose a more experienced jockey for obstacle racing.
Sometimes initial favorite horse falls out of favor during a race due to bookmakers' manipulations. In those cases it is recommended to stay with the initial favorite.
Prefer horses with value odds (priced just right). The odds ratio should be at least 3 to 1 to make it attractive for an intelligent bettor. All kinds of straight bets and the daily double have the best winning potential.

Types of horse betsHORSE RACING BETS
You select a horse which you think will win the race.
You select a horse which you think will finish the race either first or second. Place bet pays less than the straight Win bet but it provides you with two chances to win a race instead of one.
Similar to Place bet, but for the show bet to win the horse you selected can finish either first, second or third. This bet pays even less than Place bet, but it provides you with three chances to win.
This is a universal straight bet which combines win, place and show bets. You bet on a horse to finish either first, second or third. If the horse you selected wins the race, you collect all 3 bets (Win, Place and Show). If it finishes second, you collect the Place and Show bets. If it finishes third, you collect only the Show bet.

For the Quinella bet you select the first two winning horses.

For Trifesta bey you must select the first three finishing horses in the order they will finish the race.

For the Daily Double bet you must pick the winning horse in each of the two daily races.

For the Superfesta bet you select the first four winning horses in the order they will finish the race.

For the Pick 3 bet you have to pick the winning horse in three consecutive races.

For the Pick 6 bet you have to pick the winning horse in six consecutive races. Even more tricky than the Pick 3 bet. Not recommended for beginners. Many horse racing tracks have pools worth of millions of dollars for the Pick 6 bet.

We do not claim that these horse racing betting tips will help you win money, this article is for information purpose only. In this article we express our own opinion on the subject.

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